"ZoomingCamicon", the third series in the TORI-CAMERA line, which we developed with the concept of "Enjoy taking pictures", has been released!

"ZoomingCam" is a camera application that allows you to create composite pictures with zoomed pictures over a picture.
You can shift a picture to zoom on another picture to create composites in real time by touching the iPhone's Camera View screen.

You need to get the knack of it just like the first and second applications in the TORI-CAMERA series, "BlendCam" and "MotionCam".
Use your imagination and enjoy taking pictures by trial and error!
Please review our applications and send us your comments or requests!


* Note about the iPhone Camera View screen!
- When the zooming frame and zoom display frame overlap, both frames are shown alternately in order to allow you to check them both.
- An image on the zoom display frame is shown in low resolution on the Camera View.
The composite picture will be created with the image you took depending on the resolution of your camera.
- There is a slight time lag to take a picture after releasing the shutter.

- Image size 600×800 pixel
- Shift the zooming frame to zoom display frame in real time
- Change the size of the zoom display frame
- Switch to show or hide the zoom display frame (white or black)
* Default setting is set to hide.

[How to operate]
1. Set Camera on the Settings screen
  Size of the zoom display frame: move the slider to set frame size.
  Color of the zoom display frame: Select the color of the frame.

2. Settings on the Camera View
  The zoom slider changes the scale factor.
 You can shift the zooming frame (blue frame) in real time to zoom the display frame by touching the screen.

3. Take a picture
  Tapping the camera icon releases the shutter.
  The image will be saved in the album and displayed on screen.
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