"MotionCamicon" was developed with a concept that "Enjoy taking picture".

This application takes photographs at regular intervals, and create a composite picture out of the photographs taken.
It is possible to set the interval of shooting to be between 0.05-2.00 seconds, and the number of times to be between 2-8 times.


For example, at a place with dark background, if a bright and moving object is photographed, a picture of motion is made.
If the background is bright, by increasing the number of times of photographing, a picture that leaves out the moving objects can be made.

Pictures of various expressions can be made depending on ideas.
Please use your imagination, and learn by trial and error.
Enjoy taking pictures!

- 320-by-426 pixcel resolution.
- Save the photo sequence.[Default OFF]
- Full screen shutter.[Default OFF]
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